Sunday, June 21, 2009

You are BEAUTY FULL canvas 35.00
Roll Tide Banner 40.00

Auburn Banner also available! Photo coming soon!

Depot Days!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart..... 25.00

"Train Up a Child....." SOLD

Door Banners "As For Me and My House...We Will Serve the Lord." Personlized with your family's names.....40.00

"Faith" 8 x 10 25.00 SOLD

"Whatever" from Philippians 4:8 9 x 13 30.00 SOLD

This is my favorite. Perfect canvas for big families or grandmothers! This one hangs in my mom's pool house. I can customize it for you and your family. 20 x 24 55.00

"the greatest of these"....10 x 13 30.00

I have been painting door banners for family and friends and have had several requests to put them out there "for sale".. Let me know if you want one. Most are custom made, but I do have a couple of the "kid's room" canvas paintings to sale.

You can email me at